For context, here’s what Green said about the Cavs’ opponents

For context, here’s what Green said about the Cavs’ opponents:

When you watch them, you watch one team playing good basketball and everybody else do something. I don’t know what that something is.
The third installment of Cavs-Warriors (which seems all but inevitable at this point) should be entertaining. These teams are already doing whatever possible to get under each other’s skin by commentary through the media.

What oddsmakers see as the most competitive series didn’t turn out that way in the simulations. Though many of the series were competitive going six or seven games, Los Angeles came out on top in 13 of the 15.

‘NBA 2K17′ clearly favors Atlanta in what should be one of the more intriguing matchups in the first round. Six of its series wins however went all the way to seven games, so the series was competitive despite the result ultimately being the Hawks advancing.

This was a pretty competitive series which saw Toronto usually win in six or seven games. The young Bucks team put up a fight but the Raptors and home court were just too much.

James scored or assisted on 73 of the Cavaliers’ points, or 61.3 percent of their output. He played every minute of the third and fourth quarters. He led all scorers with 41 points, all rebounders with 13, all passers with 12 assists, all 3-point shooters with a half-dozen made in 12 attempts and, of the seven players who attempted double-figure shots, was the only one who made more than 50 percent.

He just willed this team, you know, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said. He just said: I’m going to put you guys on my back, going to make every play, make the right play.

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