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Falcons fan buries jersey in ground after Super Bowl loss to Patriots

Falcons fans suffered one of the worst losses imaginable in Super Bowl 51 as the Patriots scored 31 unanswered points to erase a 25-point deficit.

The Atlanta community would like to just listen to Culture and forget this event ever happened. In fact, one fan took it so serious that they decided to literally bury their feelings, and put a Falcons jersey in the ground in hopes to get rid of the bad luck attached to it.

This seems like an extreme measure for such a costly artifact, but whatever it takes, I guess.

Taking everything into consideration, how can a GM and coach cast their lot with such an aging, injury-prone, likely-to-be expensive player at the sport’s most important position?

Even with a bargain deal, it’s just asking for trouble and ultimate disappointment.

The Texans probably present the next best option for Romo, and they offer a decent O-line, a good rushing attack led by 1,000-yard back Lamar Miller and an excellent target in Pro Bowl receiver DeAndre Hopkins. A Romo signing would allow coach Bill O’Brien to put last year’s free agency mistake Brock Osweiler into the role of expensive backup.

The Jets also are an intriguing option for Romo considering they were a 10-win team two years ago, before they drowned with Ryan Fitzpatrick last season. Perhaps Romo would get excited about playing in the nation’s largest market. He would be supported by a good running game and a strong defense, but the receiving corps has question marks. Plus the offensive line is middle-of-the-road and would need to be upgraded.

I don’t see Romo winding up in Chicago or Buffalo, even though Romo played college football at Eastern Illinois.